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Astrobiology EPO, Undergrads, Grads, Postdocs The Student Seminar Series Continues

By Keith Cowing
August 3, 2006

Join us for the final two segments of the 2006 NAI Student Seminar Series on Friday August 11th and Friday August 18th at 12:00pm PDT (9:00am HT/1:00pm MDT/2:00pm CDT/3:00pm EDT). In this ninety minute program broadcast by NAI, students will be presenting their summer research from University of Rhode Island, University of Arizona and the SETI Institute. For more information, please contact Estelle Dodson, [email protected]

CONNECTION INFORMATION: (NOTE new telephone passcode)

With a Polycom….RSVP to Estelle Dodson ([email protected]) and connect to WebEx as instructed below. If you need Polycom help during the live event, call the videoconferencing help-desk at (650) 604-6412

The slides from the seminar can be accessed real-time using WebEx at:

Enter the meeting number: 922 024 444
Hit the “join now” button.
Enter your name or site name (this is not an assigned log-in name, please use your institution name or your first and last name), email and the password: 1K*Falcon (case sensitive)If you’ve never joined a WebEx meeting before, please allow an extra 5-10 minutes to install the plug-in.You may participate without a Polycom system by listening to the seminar on the telephone while viewing the slides in WebEx (see WebEx instructions above). The NASA conference phone number and password will be given out in the WebEx meeting- please note it when you first log on. [Source NAI Newsletter]

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