Budgets and Policy

Planetary Society Mounts Unprecedented Ad Campaign To Fight NASA Space Science Cuts

By Keith Cowing
May 25, 2006

Campaign Update: The Planetary Society Takes the Fight to Washington

“In contrast to Kennedy’s vision, the fiscal year 2007 budget proposed for NASA contains cuts that threaten to end the era of exploration that brought us the Hubble Space Telescope, Mars Exploration Rovers, Cassini-Huygens at Saturn, Deep Impact and Stardust. The Administration proposes to drastically cut future space science, especially astrobiology research; to stop work on new missions to Europa and to find terrestrial planets; and to not include Mars planning in the Vision for Space Exploration.The presentation is part of the Society’s SOS (Save Our Science) campaign, and will be hosted in conjunction with the House Science Committee.”

“Along with the presentation the Society is also launching an ad campaign, calling on Congress to preserve funding for space science. Prominent advertisements, featuring a trash can and the slogan “Don’t Trash Space Science!” will appear on May 25 in the Washington Post and Congress’s own Roll Call.”

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