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Astrobiology Roadmap Workshop

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
July 22, 1998
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Astrobiology Roadmap Workshop

Astrobiology Roadmap Workshop: Fundamental Questions, Specific Science Goals, and Measurement Objectives in Astrobiology, 20-22 July 1998

Goal: The Astrobiology Roadmap Workshop will be held July 20-22, 1998 at NASA Ames Research Center. The goal of the Workshop is to develop a research and development plan for the nascent field of Astrobiology for the 2000-2020 time frame, with focus on the first ten years.

Objectives: The Workshop will define top-level science goals and objectives and identify the mission and technology requirements to achieve these goals. These requirements will be mapped onto the set of mission and technology development programs that are included in the relevant NASA strategic plans and identify areas where new developments are needed to meet astrobiology goals. Astrobiology is an interdisciplinary and multiorganizational venture that requires collaborative partnerships for implementation. The Workshop will identify partnership opportunities and the organizational interfaces needed to implement the program.

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