Space Life Science: June 2006

"To ASGSB members: Please submit your abstract for the 2006 Annual Meeting. The deadline for submission is July 7, 2006, and abstracts can be submitted via the society's homepage ("

All ASGSB (American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology) members are encouraged to ask their university/institution libraries to include Gravitational and Space Biology on their list of online journals. Former iterations of the journal are also available online, i.e., ASGSB Bulletin and Gravitational and Space Biology Bulletin. Use the following URL when making this request: [Source: ASGSB Newsletter]

A satellite session is scheduled for November 2, 2006, from 2-5 p.m., the day before the 22nd annual ASGSB meeting officially starts. The title of the session is "Small Satellites as Platforms for Science."

Editor's note:The following list of 49 journal articles is a subset of life science research focusing on microgravity and spaceflight published in 2006. This is derived from a simple keyword search using PubMed.

Senate Commerce Committee's Subscommittee on Science and Space Hearing: NASA Budget and Programs: Outside Perspectives

Statement by Charles Bolden
Statement by Peter Voorhees
Statement by Roy Torbert
Statement by James Pawelczyk

"The next generations of space life scientists perceive a bitter lesson that is difficult to assuage: as the result of a shell game of agency-wide reorganization, life science is no longer recognized or valued within NASA."