Reports, Books, Proceedings, & Studies: March 2011

Dear Colleague:

This is the seventh newsletter to the community regarding the planetary science decadal survey.

The report has now been released. You can download it (all 412 pages!) on the web at:

The mission studies that were performed in support of the decadal survey can also be downloaded at:

The report describes an exciting program of planetary exploration for the decade 2013-2022, all of it derived from community inputs. Here are some of the highlights:

* Increased R&A funding

* A robust program of technology development for planetary exploration

* Continuation of the Discovery program of PI-led missions

* Two more New Frontiers missions, to be drawn from a list of seven exciting candidates

* Prioritized flagship missions that would begin the process of returning samples from Mars, explore a likely ocean on Europa, and carry out the first in-depth study of an Ice Giant planet.