Reports, Books, Proceedings, & Studies: January 2008

This past summer, NAI participated in organizing a special weekend workshop held at NASA Ames Research Center entitled "The Future of Intelligence in the Cosmos." The workshop brought together internationally renown scientists and thinkers to explore potential scenarios for the evolution of intelligent civilizations in our galaxy. The talks were organized into sessions including The Fermi Paradox, Cultural Evolution, The Nature of Intelligence, and Technological Evolution, followed by several breakout sessions. The proceedings are now available for download at:

[Source: NAI newsletter]

Chris Impey from the University of Arizona is the author of the new book "The Living Cosmos: Our Search for Life in the Universe." Published by Random House in December, the book has been met with critical acclaim, especially in this review from the LA Times:,1,1847735.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

[Source: NAI newsletter]

The following new papers have been published recently by NAI members. These and other recent NAI funded research are presented on the NAI website and collected in the NAI Research Highlights Archive - In this archive, you can link to the papers and any press materials that may have been generated about them.