Education and Outreach: April 2008

The NAI is offering 3 scholarships to graduate students or postdocs, studying in the US, to attend the 2008 MedILS Summer School on Life in Extreme Conditions. This session, held from August 3 - 9 in Split, Croatia, will provide a venue to share current knowledge and develop new ideas and research projects around the topic of life in extreme conditions. The main focus of the school is on the evolution and maintenance of life in habitats such as eternal ice, hydrothermal vents, the bottom of the ocean, salt lakes, or other planets. Leading international lecturers will inform the participants about the latest developments and theories.

As part of its celebration of the 50th anniversary of its founding, the Space Studies Board (SSB) has expanded the scope of the Space Policy Intern program it has operated since 1992 by initiating the Lloyd V. Berkner Space Policy Internships. The goal of the program is to provide promising undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to work in the area of civil space research policy in the Nation's capital, under the aegis of the SSB.

Yuri's Night is an international celebration held on April 12 every year to commemorate the launch of the first human, Yuri Gagarin, into space and the launch of the first U.S. Space Shuttle. NAI Central staff, along with several Astrobiology graduate students who were in town for AbSciCon, co-hosted an exhibit with Electronic Arts (EA) at Yuri's Night 2008 at Ames Research Center, which drew a crowd of over 7,000 people.