Education and Outreach: November 2007

AbGradCon 08, an astrobiology conference for early-career astrobiologists, will take place on 13-14 April 2008 in Santa Clara, CA, USA (immediately before AbSciCon). AbGradCon is open to graduate students studying subjects relevant to astrobiology, and to those who have received their PhD in such subjects within the previous two years. Registration will be free and will be open shortly. There will be some funding available for travel grants. For more information, visit the AbGradCon website at [Source: NAI Newsletter]

NAI Central is pleased to announce the news that its recent proposal to the NASA Science Mission Directorate E/PO Program entitled "NASA and the Navajo Nation 2: The Moon" has been selected for funding. This award will enable the continued collaboration with leaders and educators from the Navajo Nation toward the production of educational materials which bring together astrobiology science and Navajo cultural knowledge, in particular of the Moon. For more information, please contact Daniella Scalice,

[Source: NAI Newsletter]