Analog Studies: October 2006

Exploration, Science, and Art: A Book Review of Terra Antarctica and Driving to Mars, SpaceRef

"When it comes to exploration, there's nothing like being there. Yet at some point, all explorers need to tell others what they have seen - as well as find a way to understand and recall the experience themselves. Exploration is pointless if it is not shared.

It is the process whereby explorers put new vistas and experiences into a context they can internalize - and then how these impressions are shared with others that fascinates author William Fox. In his two most recent books "Terra Antarctica" and "Driving to Mars" Fox recounts his own experiences - and those of others - at Earth's two poles."

This summer Miles Ecclestone of Trent University, returned to our camp next to Colour Lake to continue making improvements to the McGill Arctic Research Station (M.A.R.S.) as part of an infrastructure upgrade. During this time, I asked Miles to download the images from our Campbell Scientific met stations camera which is pointed across part of the airstrip and part of Colour Lake. We now have daily images (most taken at 9am and again at 1pm) from 17 April 2006 to 17 August 2006. The video contains the stream of images at about 1 second each. My previous blog provides more details of the station and the camera we use.