Astrobiology Daily News 16 April 2013

-Supernova left its mark in ancient bacteria, Nature
-Nano-Suit Protects Bugs From Space-Like Vacuums, ScienceNow
-A thin polymer membrane, nano-suit, enhancing survival across the continuum between air and high vacuum, PNAS
-Towards the Minimum Inner Edge Distance of the Habitable Zone, astro-ph
-HATS-2b: A transiting extrasolar planet orbiting a K-type star showing starspot activity, astro-ph
-Circumstellar disks during various evolutionary stages, astro-ph
-On the equilibrium figure of close-in planets and satellites, astro-ph
-On the co-orbital motion of two planets in quasi-circular orbits, astro-ph
-Interior Structure of Water Planets: Implications for their dynamo source regions, astro-ph

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