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Amity Mission for Analogue Space Expedition (AMASE-2024)

By Keith Cowing
Status Report
Amity University Mumbai
June 19, 2024
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Amity Mission for Analogue Space Expedition (AMASE-2024)
Amity Mission for Analogue Space Expedition (AMASE-2024)

Amity Centre of Excellence in Astrobiology, Amity University Mumbai would like to welcome you to the upcoming Amity Mission for Analogue Space Expedition (AMASE-2024).

AMASE-2024 is an immersive eight-day and seven-night expedition to Ladakh, India, from 31 August 2024 to 7 September 2024. The expedition includes Ladakh and its surrounding locations: Saboo, Tsokar, Puga hotspring and Tsomoriri. This unique program offers scientific exploration, educational outreach, and cultural immersion in Ladakh’s stunning landscapes.

You will get to participate in interactive sessions (online and offline) with national and international scientists from different facets of Astrobiology.

Some of the important deadlines:

Cost: 35,000 INR +tax per person (Excluding Flight Charges)

Registration is open to all and the deadline is 1 July, 2024

Confirmation of Selection is 7 July 2024

Payment Deadline is 15 July 2024

Please visit our website for more information on AMASE 2024:

For any concerns or queries, please contact us at [email protected]


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