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European Astrobiology Network Association EANA 2024

By Keith Cowing
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EANA 2024
May 29, 2024
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European Astrobiology Network Association EANA 2024
EANA 2024

In 2002, the first stand-alone EANA conference took place in Graz, Austria, and attracted 320 attendees, which still can be counted as the biggest European Astrobiology conference so far. More than 20 years later, EANA returns to Graz: The Space Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences invites the European Astrobiology community for the 24th EANA conference.

This meeting aims to foster the collaborations between the Solar System and Exoplanet communities, to bring together researchers from diverse fields, and to offer a platform to discuss future joint interdisciplinary projects. EANA 2024 will be a 3.5 days meeting, from September 3rd to 6th, taking place at the “Alte Technik”, Graz University of Technology.

For the first time, EANA 2024 will host the ESA Brainstorming on Astrobiology Splinter Session. Further information about this splinter session and how to participate will be announced soon.

The meeting will consist of invited keynote as well as contributed talks, the well-known Space Factor contest, and poster sessions. A reception at the Graz townhall will take place on September 2nd 2024, the conference dinner on September 4th, and on September 6th and 7th after conference excursions are offered (detailed information can be found here).

For attendees of EANA 2024, reduced train tickets can be purchased.

EANA 2024 will take place in person only.

For any questions concerning the EANA 2024 conference, please contact the organizers by email ([email protected]).

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