NASA Open Science For Life In Space: The RadLab Portal / RadLab Data API

By Keith Cowing
Status Report
NASA Life Science
March 3, 2024
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NASA Open Science For Life In Space: The RadLab Portal / RadLab Data API
South Atlantic Anomaly — NASA

Dive into the cosmic realm with NASA OSDR’s newest RadLab app. Explore radiation data from multiple space agencies, track the total dose rate in the South Atlantic Anomaly at specific timepoints, and so much more.

RadLab: https://visualization.osdr.nasa.gov/radlab/gui/data-overview/

The RadLab portal and the RadLab data API

RadLab is a portal that aims to provide a single point of access to radiation telemetry data from multiple databases maintained by multiple space agencies.

The Web interface provides the ability to query, visualize, inspect, and download data; for example, time series plots of readings from multiple radiation detectors, pairwise comparisons of detector readings, and geospatial visualizations of radiation dose and flux registered by the detectors.

The underlying API enables data selection and retrieval at a programmatic level.

This release of RadLab contains the data obtained from four detectors included in the DORELI project (DOSTEL1, DOSTEL2, Lidal, REM; Italian Space Agency), from three Liulin-5 detectors (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), and multiple RAD, REM, and TEPC detectors curated from SRAG data by NASA and LBNL collaborators for the time intervals corresponding to entries in the Environmental Data Application.

All detectors are/were located on the International Space Station (ISS).

  • Hover over the plot to activate the interactive tools in the top right.
  • Drag the mouse on the plot to zoom in, double-click to zoom back out.
  • Click any of the boxes on the plot to visualize time series data for the given instrument and time span.

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