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Ocean World Away Teams: Alan Stern Announces Call for Mission Specialists for 2023 Titanic Expedition

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
OceanGate Expeditions
December 6, 2022
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Ocean World Away Teams: Alan Stern Announces Call for Mission Specialists for 2023 Titanic Expedition
OceanGate Expeditions Submersible
OceanGate Expeditions

Earth’s oceans remain the least explored and understood, yet most impactful ecosystems on the planet. With a longitudinal study of the Titanic, OceanGate Expeditions is working to change that.

Planetary scientist Dr. Alan Stern joined OceanGate Expeditions’ 2022 Titanic Expedition as a Mission Specialist. Dr. Stern brought a unique set of qualifications to the Mission Specialist role: he has led NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt since its inception in 2001 and is scheduled to participate in a 2023 Virgin Galactic suborbital research mission. He is currently Chief Exploration Officer at World View and Associate Vice President, Space Sector at the Southwest Research Institute. Dr. Stern shared his perspectives on the parallels between exploration in space and our deep oceans after his experience diving to the Titanic with OceanGate Expeditions.

“Fewer people have been to the Titanic than to space. It is both an archaeological expedition and a scientific one. The experience included the emotional highs of exploration and deep reflection as we remembered those lost on that cold, unforgiving night in April 1912. From fascination with OceanGate, Inc.’s amazing Titan submersible technology and the operational prowess of the OceanGate Expeditions crew, to sublime feelings of a lifetime accomplishment that, until a few months ago, I never considered possible,” said Dr. Stern in summarizing his 2022 Titanic diving experience.

“Being one of fewer than 250 people to come face-to-viewport with Titanic and the amazing biodiverse marine ecosystem that has now formed out of that tragedy is something I will always remember. I wasn’t just a passenger on the dive, either. As a Mission Specialist, I supported the study of the Titanic by collecting water column samples, communicating with the surface team throughout the dive, and filming the wreck and surrounding marine life. I even piloted the sub. I am still in awe of the experience. What a special opportunity it was, and one I hope to carry forward to show others what humans can do when they dream big and strive to accomplish those dreams. As a result of new private sector entrants like OceanGate Expeditions, we are now witnessing the very earliest days of what is likely to become an unparalleled era of exploration by humans, across the deep ocean, just like in space,” says Dr. Stern.


“What’s more, we have discovered that oceans of water are common in our solar system. I’m completely convinced that there will be a day when there are ocean explorers of celestial bodies like Europa, Triton, Titan, Enceladus, Pluto; after all, from what we know, all those ocean worlds out there that are begging for this type of advanced submersible technology,” continues Dr. Stern.

OceanGate Expeditions’ longitudinal study of the Titanic and surrounding areas will continue in 2023 with the support of citizen explorers who serve as Mission Specialists. Aspiring Mission Specialists interested in supporting the 2023 Titanic Expedition should contact OceanGate Expeditions for qualifications, availability, and additional details. Visit https://oceangateexpeditions.com/tour/titanic-expedition/ to learn more.

OceanGate Expeditions also recently announced the coffee table book, “Titanic Expedition: A Crewed Submersible Expedition to Explore the World’s Most Famous Shipwreck.” The limited release photographic account of the 2021 Titanic Expedition, with exclusive bonus photographs from the 2022 Titanic Expedition, is authenticated with a numbered holographic emblem and comes signed by OceanGate Expeditions chief submersible pilot, Stockton Rush, and 38 time Titanic diver and Titanic expert, PH Nargeolet. To learn how to purchase from only 324 limited edition books visit https://oceangateexpeditions.com/shop/2021titanicphotobook/.

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