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Exoplanet Education Guide

By Keith Cowing
NAI/Astronomical Society of the Pacific
April 10, 2014
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Exoplanet Education Guide

The discovery and characterization of exoplanets is one of the most exciting and fast-changing areas in modern astronomical research.

As a result, Astronomy 101 instructors have had trouble keeping up with the flow of new techniques, instruments and discoveries.

To help, NASA missions, educational projects around the country, and scientists themselves have produced a wide range of materials that astronomy instructors (and their students) can use to learn about the latest developments. This annotated guide is designed to highlight useful materials on the web and in print. It was produced in consultation with NASA education specialists, who suggested some resources that may not have been well known.

We include only those non-technical materials that instructors around the U.S. are likely to have access to. Items were selected based on their level of difficulty (Astro 101 level and below), the likelihood of their being easily available for a college audience, and their usefulness for teaching and learning.

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