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NASA Astrobiology Strategic Plan Update

By Keith Cowing
August 18, 2013
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NASA Astrobiology Strategic Plan Update

The 2014 Astrobiology Strategic Plan is now under construction. It has involved the community in online and face-to-face discussions.

Twenty-one working documents have been generated that encompassed research themes as diverse as:

How did bio-relevant elements evolve into molecules? How can we best overcome our ignorance about microbial life on Earth? How would we find and identify an inhabited planet? How can we enhance the utility of biosignatures as a tool to search for life in the Solar System & beyond?

Starting in September, the working documents will be published on the website and you will be invited to review and comment on them. One webinar will be held for each document.

In January-to-February 2014, the authors of the working documents will incorporate the community’s comments. A face-to-face integration workshop will be held in late February to create a first draft of the Strategic Plan. A final draft will be published in April 2014.

For a detailed summary of the face-to-face workshop:

In conclusion, this is your community and NASA wants your input. Be part of this exciting process and make your voice heard!

Michael New, Astrobiology Discipline Scientist [email protected]

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