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The New Astrobiology Roadmap

By Marc Boucher
Status Report
Astrobiology Magazine
June 17, 2013
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The New Astrobiology Roadmap

The Astrobiology Program has completed the first step in creating a new Astrobiology Roadmap. The next phase in outlining the future direction for astrobiology research and technology development at NASA is set to begin today.

Roughly every ten years, the Astrobiology Program updates NASA’s official Astrobiology Roadmap. This document provides guidance for research funded by the program in areas that encompass space, Earth and biological sciences.

In writing the 2013 Astrobiology Roadmap, NASA’s Astrobiology Program decided to take a new approach by asking the global astrobiology community to take part in the process. A dedicated website and online community was developed, and a call went out to the public to join in online webinars and discussions concerning the primary questions that astrobiology research should focus on in the years to come.

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