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Developing a New Astrobiology Roadmap

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
June 28, 2013
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Developing a New Astrobiology Roadmap

The NASA Astrobiology Program has begun the process of developing a new Astrobiology Roadmap to chart the future directions of astrobiology research. During the month of May, NASA hosted a series of on-line hangouts and discussions focusing on broad themes in astrobiology.

Planetary Conditions for Life, Prebiotic Evolution, Early Evolution of Life and the Biosphere, Evolution of Advanced Life, and Astrobiology for Solar Systems Exploration. At a face-to-face meeting in mid-June, concept documents on future astrobiology research topics were developed and posted to the website. A series of webinars/hangouts will be scheduled in which the authors will explain their concept document.

Following this the documents will be open to the community for commenting. Community input will be incorporated and over the next few months a draft document will be posted and made available for review by the Planetary Science Subcommittee of the NASA Advisory Council prior to publication.

Videos and discussions from the webinars that have already taken place are viewable at

To join the astrobiology roadmapping community and make your unique voice heard in this important conversation! register now at:

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