Stellar Stoichiometry – Workshop Without Walls

By Keith Cowing
April 6, 2013
Stellar Stoichiometry – Workshop Without Walls

The Astrobiology group at Arizona State University is proud to sponsor Stellar Stoichiometry, April 11-12, 2013. This workshop will examine the growing evidence that elemental abundance ratios of stars vary considerably from solar, and discuss the consequences of elemental variability on the existence and habitability of planets. To this end we are bringing together many of the world’s leading stellar spectroscopists to figure out why abundance ratios derived by different groups vary significantly, and to figure out what are the true intrinsic variations. The workshop can be attended in person at ASU or virtually, anywhere in the world.

We also invite all interested parties to submit a pdf “e-poster” and to present it online in a short lightning talk. There is no registration fee to attend, but please register and view the schedule and participant list at

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