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2013 Polar and Alpine Microbiology Conference

By Keith Cowing
April 6, 2013
2013 Polar and Alpine Microbiology Conference

Registration and abstract submission deadline: June 1, 2013. The 5th International Conference on Polar and Alpine Microbiology (PAM5) will be held in Big Sky, Montana (USA) from 8-12 September 2013. This meeting will be a continuation of the highly successful meetings previously held in Rovaniemi, Finland (2004), Innsbruck, Austria (2006), Banff, Canada (2008) and Ljubljana, Slovenia (2011), which brought together leading international researchers and students in this field.

The objectives of the Big Sky meeting will again be to bring together scientists, students and professionals to discuss all aspects of cold-adapted microorganisms and the roles they play in polar and alpine environments, to address recent developments, and to exchange ideas and experiences on an international scale. The conference will provide a multi-disciplinary forum to explore emerging areas in the field and as always, will have a wealth of opportunities for the exchange of ideas and building of collaborations.

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