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Protostars & Planets VI

By Keith Cowing
September 5, 2012

July 15-20, 2013 at the Convention Center Heidelberg, Germany

The Protostars and Planets series has served the community for more than three decades with state of the art compilations of the current knowledge in the fields of star and planet formation. The previous volume PPV was published in 2007. Since then, the field of protostars and planets has advanced tremendously, from a theoretical as well as observational point of view.

The primary outcome of the conference will be the Protostars and Planets VI book of review articles. Although the meeting is still more than one year away, the logistics of preparing excellent overview articles and getting them into print in due time requires timely organization. Therefore, we ask you to submit proposals for review chapters and associated talks by September 15th 2012.

For more information visit: [Source: NAI]

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