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Selection of NASA Postdoctoral Program Astrobiology Fellows

By Keith Cowing
April 16, 2012

The NASA Astrobiology Program is pleased to announce the selection of four new NASA Postdoctoral Fellows:

Jose Aponte
Advisor: Jamie Elsila-Cook (NAI Goddard Center for Astrobiology Team)
Topic: “Assessment of Isotopic Ratios and Enantiomeric Excess of Neutral Compounds and Amines Found on Carbonaceous Chondrites”

Tammy Campbell
Advisor: Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthy (Exobiology: Prebiotic Evolution)
Topic: “Non-Enzymatic Glycosylation of DNA Nucleobases to Develop Potentially Prebiotic Nucleic Acid Alternatives”

Natascha Riedinger
Advisor: Timothy Lyons (NAI Arizona State University Team)
Topic: “The Fate of Molybdenum and Its Isotopes in Deep, Oxide-rich Marine Sediments: Implications for the Mo Paleoproxy and Oxygen in the Ancient Ocean”

Erik Sperling
Advisor: Andrew Knoll (NAI MIT Team)
Topic: “Reconciling Ecological and Geochemical Triggers of the Cambrian Radiation”

More information about the NPP can be found at

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