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NAI Origin of Life Focus Group Seminar

By Keith Cowing
March 4, 2012

The NAI Origin of Life Focus Group will host monthly online seminars featuring talks by one established researcher and one early career researcher on topics that are both central to the origin of life and interesting to the broader scientific community. Please join us for this inaugural seminar and spread the word to your friends and colleagues.

Date/Time: Tuesday, March 6th, at 11-12:30pm Pacific Time

Featuring two presentations:

Steven Benner (Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution, Distinguished Fellow) “Understanding the Chemistry Behind Origins”

Sara Imari Walker (Beyond Center @ Arizona State University, NASA Astrobiology Program Postdoctoral Fellow)

“Not Understanding the Physics of Origins”

Participation Instructions

The slides and audio/video for this meeting will be presented using Adobe Connect. To join the meeting, connect to:

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