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AbSciCon Cave Session

By Keith Cowing
January 17, 2012

AbSciCon will be held April 16-20, 2012, in Atlanta, GA. I want to point out that there is a planetary cave session for those interested. The cave session is topic #5 under Extreme Environments.

Information to submit abstracts can be found at:

Abstracts are due: 31 Jan 2012.

5.Session Family: Extreme Environments
Session Title: “Planetary Caves – Implications for Astrobiology,
Climate, Detection and Exploration”
Short title (for abstract submission): “Planetary Caves”

Description: The focus of this session is to promote the exchange of knowledge and ideas between planetary and terrestrial scientists interested in cave exploration and research across the solar system. Extraterrestrial caves provide access to the subsurface without the need for drilling and are potential habitats for previous or present life. In recognition of the broad scope, interdisciplinary nature, and strong international interest in this topic, the participation of any interested scientist with relevant theoretical, experimental, or field experience is strongly encouraged.

Organizer: Timothy Titus, [email protected]

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