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Beatrice Watson Parrent Postdoctoral Fellowship- Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawai'i Manoa

By Keith Cowing
September 27, 2011

The Institute for Astronomy (IfA) at the University of Hawaii (UH) invites applications for the Beatrice Watson Parrent Postdoctoral Fellowship. We seek researchers displaying significant promise in any field of astrophysics or solar physics, including observation, theory, and instrumentation. The term of the fellowship is for up to 3 years, starting around Fall 2012. The IfA has guaranteed access to the entire suite of observational facilities on the summits of Mauna Kea and Haleakala. The IfA is also the lead institution in the Pan-STARRS PS1 wide-field optical telescope, which is carrying out a multiyear synoptic survey mission. More information is available at

The successful candidate will undertake a program of independent research and participate in the academic and scientific life of the IfA. Applicants should demonstrate outstanding promise as a researcher, as reflected by their publications and their letters of recommendation. They should have completed a Ph.D. in astronomy, physics, or equivalent areas by the start date of employment. The Fellow will be provided an annual salary of approximately $64,500, a research budget of $15,000/year, and assistance with relocation expenses to Hawaii. The Fellow will also be able to apply for UH telescope time and have access to the Pan-STARRS PS1 telescope and UKIDSS survey data.

Inquiries: Dr. Fabio Bresolin, [email protected], 808-956-8306 (Oahu).

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Source: NAI newsletter

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