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Call for Symposium papers: Chemistry as a Tool for Space Exploration and Discovery at Mars

By Keith Cowing
February 19, 2011

August 28-September 1, 2011
Denver, Colorado
At the Fall 2011 American Chemical Society National Meeting

Mars is the most accessible location outside of the Earth to investigate for evidence of past and present habitable zones and for extinct or extant extraterrestrial life. Chemistry-based approaches provide the central tool in these exploration efforts. This search involves the interplay of physical, organic, inorganic, analytical, biological, and geochemistry along with inputs from atmospheric physics and remote imaging. NASA and ESA missions, some joint, will launch over the next 10 years and carry chemistry-based instrumentation to examine whether evidence of past/present habitability and habitation exists and where on Mars future exploration should be directed.

Submit abstracts by March 21 to:

You need to register for an ACS user name and password, log in, select 242nd National Meeting, create new abstract (if first time), then “Chemistry as a Tool for Space Exploration and Discovery at Mars” under “CASW”.

Contributed papers may be in the form of oral talks or posters. Symposium is co-sponsored by the NASA Astrobiology Institute.

Mark Allen ([email protected])
Jeff Bada ([email protected])
Ronald Cohen ([email protected])

[Source: Planetary Exploration Newsletter]

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