COST Workshop "Carbon in the Solar System"

By Keith Cowing
November 5, 2010

6-8 December 2010
Brussels, Belgium
Abstract Submission Deadline: 15 November 2010

The European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Program supports cooperation among scientists and researchers across Europe. It sponsors “actions” to bring researchers together to build cooperative networks and improve scientific collaboration and awareness. Action CM-0805, “The Chemical Cosmos”, provides for the study of chemical processes relevant to the physical conditions encountered in the interstellar medium, and on the surface and in the atmospheres of planetary bodies. The Action aims to provide new insights into the dynamics of the chemical reactions leading to molecular synthesis under such conditions and reveal how these are influenced by the ambient temperature and pressure. Special attention is given to the study of the novel surface chemistry prevalent on interstellar medium dust grains and planetary surfaces. The Action also aims to combine such laboratory data with complementary chemical models to allow a fuller interpretation of observational data. More information on the COST program can be found on
Additional details concerning Action CM-0805 can be found at: . A preliminary Workshop Program can be found at:
For further information, contact Dr Christian Muller, B.USOC, Brussels, [email protected], or Dr. Frank Daerden, BIRA, Brussels, [email protected]. [Source: NAI]

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