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NRC Community Survey: Committee on New Research Opportunities in the Earth Sciences

By Keith Cowing
July 12, 2010

Your input is very much needed for an important study being conducted by the National Research Council’s Committee on New Research Opportunities in the Earth Sciences. The committee is charged with (1) identifying high-priority new and emerging research opportunities in the Earth sciences over the next decade, including surface and deep Earth processes and interdisciplinary research within fields such as ocean and atmospheric sciences, biology, engineering, computer science, and social and behavioral sciences, and (2) identifying key instrumentation and facilities needed to support these new and emerging research opportunities. As members of this study committee, we (Isabel Montanez, Tim Lyons, Paul Olsen, and Michael Bender) would like your perspective regarding future research in the Earth sciences. Please take a few minutes to respond to the 3 questions at the following link: http://thenationalacad.nroes.sgizmo.com

The report will have the biggest impact if our community is well represented. This is an opportunity to share with a broader community and NSF the various Astrobiology-related research ideas that fit with the goals of the committee. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this very important survey.

Source: NAI Newsletter

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