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Astrobiology Visiting Fellowship Position at the Canadian Space Agency

By Keith Cowing
July 12, 2010

The Canadian Space Agency is offering a Visiting Fellowship (“VF”) opportunity for a postdoctoral researcher in astrobiology starting this Fall. Broad research areas include: Mars sedimentary mineralogy, Fe-Si biominerals, light- or laser-based astrobiology instrumentation, Mars analogue environments (including hydrothermal systems and lava tubes).

The position includes salary + research + travel (field and conference).

For information on the visiting fellowship program:

Interested candidates should contact Richard Leveille directly.

Richard Leveille, Ph.D.
Planetary Scientist
Science and Academic Development
Space Science and Technology
Canadian Space Agency
6767, route de l’Aeroport, Saint-Hubert (Quebec) J3Y 8Y9
Tel : (450) 926-5154 | Fax: (450) 926-4766

Source: NAI Newsletter

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