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Planetary Science Technology Review Panel

By Keith Cowing
May 16, 2010

A review panel has been chartered by the Planetary Science Division at NASA headquarters, subsequently named the “Planetary Science Technology Review” (PSTR) panel. The primary purpose of the PSTR panel and its advisors is to assist the Planetary Science Division in developing a coordinated and integrated technology development plan that will better utilize technology resources. To accomplish this, the panel is implementing a review of the current technology developing activities and identifying weaknesses and problems. The panel is also chartered to recommend process and policy changes to address the weaknesses. A critical element of this activity is to communicate to the science and technology communities the existence and status of the PSTR activities and to solicit input throughout the task.

Along these lines the PSTR panel is soliciting community input on the challenges faced by technology development efforts and, more importantly, the panel is seeking sound and innovative solutions to the challenges and problems that exist today. More information on the panel’s charter, status, calendar of events, and other items can be found on the PSTR website at http://spaceflightsystems.grc.nasa.gov/PlanetaryScience/. Inputs and questions can be provided by using the “Contact Us” button, blogs, or by direct contact with a panel member or advisor.

Thank you in advance for your input – Tibor Kremic, Panel Chair

[Source: NAI Newsletter]

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