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Dr. Linda Billings Recieves Lifetime Achievement Award

By Keith Cowing
November 22, 2009

Women in Aerospace recently awarded Dr. Linda Billings the Lifetime Achievement Award for more than 25 years of excellence in communicating with the public about the nation’s space program. As a journalist, she has covered energy, environment, and labor relations as well as aerospace. As a researcher, she has worked on communication strategy, media analysis, and audience research for NASA’s astrobiology, Mars exploration, and planetary protection programs. Her research has focused on the role that journalists play in constructing the cultural authority of scientists, the rhetorical strategies that scientists and journalists employ in communicating about science, and the rhetoric of space exploration.

Currently a research professor at the George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs in Washington, D.C., she also does communication research for NASA’s astrobiology program in the Science Mission Directorate. In addition, she advises NASA’s Senior Scientist for Mars Exploration and Planetary Protection Officer on communications. Photographs from the WIA Awards ceremony can be viewed at: [Source NASA Astrobiology]

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