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American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology Election Results

By Keith Cowing
November 18, 2009

ASGSB (American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology) announces new executive director, and elects 2010-2011 president and new members to the board of Directors.

On November 7, 2009, the society elected the following new members to the Board of Directors, Kenneth M. Baldwin, University of California, Irvine; Jeanne L. Becker, NSBRI/Baylor College of Medicine; Cary Mitchell, Purdue University; Joseph S. Tash, University of Kansas Medical Center; and Jack J.W.A. Van Loon VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Dr. Marshall Portfield from Purdue University was selected as the president-elect for 2010-2011.His term begins November 2011. Current ASGSB president, Dr. Terri Lomax from North Carolina State University also announced a new executive director, Ms. Cindy Martin-Brennan. Congratulations to all. [Source: ASGSB]

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