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Everest Update: Scott Parazynski is Back at Camp II

By Keith Cowing
Keith Cowing
May 16, 2009
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Everest Update: Scott Parazynski is Back at Camp II
Scott is Back at Camp II
Keith Cowing

Keith Cowing: Scott departed Everest Base Camp this morning around 4:30 am. He and his climbing partners are now at Camp II where they will spend the next day resting. He checked in this afternoon with his SPOT Personal Satellite Tracker. Current plans call for a summit around 5-6 am local time on 20 May (7-8 pm EDT 19 May).

If you have noticed a decline in blogging that is due to in part to the fact that I spent the better part of a week dealing with food poisoning that I contracted in Periche – something that I do not recommend that you try.




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