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McGill High Arctic Research Station (MARS) Photo Report: 3 April 2009

By Keith Cowing
Status Report
Dale Andersen
April 3, 2009
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McGill High Arctic Research Station (MARS) Photo Report: 3 April 2009
Automated weather station — Dale Andersen

Dale Andersen: Wayne Pollard and I just returned from a 30 km run (by skidoo) out to the mouth of Expedition Fiord where we have one in a series of five automated weather stations on an environmental gradient to help characterize spatial variability and regional microclimates.

Wayne has developed this network over the last six years or so as a part of his research with regional permafrost studies. We also use these data to help other projects including astrobiology and wildlife biology. The temperature Today we have nice weather, pretty clear skies and air temperature of -30° C.

Photo: looking East back towards our two camps on the horizon, shows Wayne next to the met station which is situated on a narrow peninsula extending out into Expedition Fiord; note the rime ice that has built up on the various sensors, cables etc. Polar bear activity is common in this area, and last year we had a seal kill on the sea ice about 20 m from the station. The station is located at: 79° 19′ 18.069 N, 92° 14′ 22.207 W

Photo below: Wayne Pollard downloading the met data


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