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Team Everest To Trek To Everest base Camp

By Keith Cowing
Keith Cowing
March 11, 2009
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Team Everest To Trek To Everest base Camp
NASA Everest Trek Blog
Team Everest

“Team NASA” will be led by Sabrina Singh and will spend several days at Everest Base Camp toward the end of the first week in May.

Team NASA consists of: Sabrina Singh (lead), Adam Gilmore, Piara Singh, Vik Singh, Bini Kadwa, Quincy Harp, Dennis Kroeger, Laurie Darling, Christopher Johnson, Jasen Coyle, Doug Wheelock, Jeff Ashby, Kent Rominger [update: Kent Rominger has since had to withdraw], Anders Brown, Audrey Miller, Andy Borland, Lucie Johannes, and Heidi Poppelreiter.

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