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Return to Everest Update 27 March: Scott Parazynski: Long Haul to Namche Bazar

By Keith Cowing
Scott Parazynski
March 27, 2009
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Return to Everest Update 27 March: Scott Parazynski: Long Haul to Namche Bazar
Namche Bazar
Scott Parazynski

Despite rain and dark clouds yesterday afternoon, the walk from dinner to bed was free of clouds — and thanks to the altitude and a complete lack of light pollution, it was almost as clear a view of the night sky as from the overhead windows of the Shuttle.

Just brilliant … and the clarity foreshadowed clear skies for today’s long haul up the “Namche Hill,” thought by some to be one of the tougher days of trekking en route to EBC (both because most hikers have just arrived from lower altitudes a day or two before, and because its a 3000′ vertical gain over a fairly steep gradient). I felt great today, “in the zone,” and got into my stride, dodging yaks and Sherpa porters laiden with building supplies and other goods for sale at tomorrow’s market.

The rugged trail passed through Rhododendron and pine, and crossed no fewer than 4 enormous suspension bridges — spectacular photo ops, with streaming prayer flags along the handrails providing color and contrast. After two days here to acclimatize, doing short treks to higher altitude, we’ll continue our move up towards the Khumbu glacier well above treeline, and leave the scent of the forest behind for several weeks. I plan to do my best to take this all in, while I still can.


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