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Astronaut Scott Parazynski Is Heading Back To Mt. Everest

By Keith Cowing
Keith Cowing
March 17, 2009
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Astronaut Scott Parazynski Is Heading Back To Mt. Everest
Scott Parazynski in his tent in 2008 after he had to cut short his bid to summit Mt. Everest.
Keith Cowing

Scott Parazynski will be heading back to Nepal in a few weeks to make another attempt to become the first astronaut to stand atop Mt. Everest.

Stay tuned next week for website upgrades at the expedition’s main website. You can follow Scott’s preparations on Twitter at @SPOTScott and overall updates at @EverestOnOrbit. Also participating will be Miles O’Brien (@MilesOBrien) and Keith Cowing (@KeithCowing) who plan to provide education and public outreach support onsite at Everest Base Camp during the entire month of May. Support services for our activities will be provided by the good folks at IMG (International Mountain Guides).




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