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NASA Marshall to Host Space Sensors Workshop

By Keith Cowing
July 23, 2008

POC: Craig Moore, 256-544-7585, [email protected]

The Marshall Space Flight Center is sponsoring a Space Sensors and Measurement Techniques workshop in August to discuss new technologies for sensor development. The two-day workshop will be held Aug. 5-6, 2008, at the Nashville Doubletree Hotel, Nashville, Tenn.

The center is inviting speakers and participants from NASA centers, other government agencies, and industry to participate in the workshop, which will focus on the art of making accurate and reliable measurements. The primary objective of this workshop is to identify areas of advancement in sensor measurements and technologies that will help to define standard practices and procedures that will better enable the infusion into flight programs of sensors with improved capabilities but limited or no flight heritage. These standards would be crucial to demonstrating a methodology for validating current models while also creating the possibility of being able to have sufficient data to either update these models (e. g., spatial or temporal resolution, etc.) or develop new models based on the ability to simulate the new measured physical parameters. The workshop is also intended to narrow the gap between sensor measurements (and techniques), data processing techniques and the ability to make use of that data by gathering together experts in the field for a short workshop. This collaboration will unite NASA and other government agencies with contractor capabilities industry-wide to prevent duplication, spawn synergistic growth in sensor technology, help analysts make good engineering decisions and help focus new sensor maturation efforts to better meet future flight program customers’ needs.

This is the first such workshop designed to specifically address establishing a standardized protocol/methodology for demonstrating the technology readiness of non-flight heritage sensor systems. While other similar workshops are held covering many areas of interest to the sensor development community, no other meeting is specific enough to address this vital but often overlooked topic. By encouraging cross-fertilization of ideas from instrument experts from many different backgrounds, it is hoped that this workshop will initiate innovative new ideas and concepts in sensor development, calibration and validation. It is anticipated this workshop will repeat periodically as needed. For more information about the sensor technology workshop, including registration, abstract submittal, and hotel accommodations, visit:

Abstracts are due no later than July 23, and the last day for registration is July 28. Employees interested in attending may also contact workshop coordinator Craig Moore, 256-544-7585, [email protected] for more information. [Source: NAI Newsletter]

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