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Astronaut Scott Parazynski Everest Update: 21 May 2008: Scott’s Progress Up Everest

By Keith Cowing
Keith Cowing
May 21, 2008
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Astronaut Scott Parazynski Everest Update: 21 May 2008: Scott’s Progress Up Everest
Scott Parazynski

Keith’s note: I have gotten a number of inquiries from readers who have been following Scott’s progress up Mt. Everest. According to reports coming back from Everest:

“Bob and Nima Karma turned at the South Summit on the way up and are now back to the Col.”

“Bob and Scott are heading down to C2.”

“Bob L. and Scott have now made it back down to C2 where Ryan, Rohan, Serge, Monty, Val, Tim, and Mike are waiting.”

I am reading these reports as they come in and do not have any more information. So I really do not want to read too much into them other than the words his outiftter IMG has sent out. Suffice it to say “Bob” has “turned at the South Summit” and that Scott has desended from Camp 3 to Camp 2 with “Bob L” (Bob Lowery – blog)”. This could well be part of their acclimatization/climbing strategy (up and down up and down) and that they will make another summit push in the next day or so i.e. with the other group that is “waiting” at Camp 2. The summit window is 21/22 May. Other climbers have already reached the summit. Reports are being issued every few hours now. Stay tuned.

As far as his summit strategy goes, do recall that Scott told me:

“While some teams are are aiming for a first wave of summit attempts on 21 May, Scott said that he and his team are looking at a summit attempt with a second wave a day later. The first wave will be climbing more or less done shortly after fixed ropes are put in place across features such as “The Balcony” and the “Hillary Step”. Whereas a second wave a day or so later will allow climbers to climb with ropes that are firmly in place Also, they will tread on snow that has good “kick steps” i.e. flattened steps in the snow put in place by climbers who have already gone ahead.”

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