A Way To Limit Radiation Hazards In Space?

By Keith Cowing
April 11, 2008

Report: Managing Space Radiation Risk in the New Era of Space Exploration

“For astronauts, however, there is one danger in space that does not end when they step out of their spacecraft. The radiation that permeates space– unattenuated by Earth’s atmosphere and magnetosphere–may damage or kill cells within astronauts’ bodies, resulting in cancer or other health consequences years after a mission ends.”

Drug protects mice, monkeys from radiation damage, Reuters

“An experimental drug helped protect mice and monkeys from the damaging effects of radiation, researchers said on Thursday, in a finding that may lead to less toxic cancer treatments or an emergency treatment for radiation exposure.”

An Agonist of Toll-Like Receptor 5 Has Radioprotective Activity in Mouse and Primate Models, Science (subscription)

“… Supported by grants CA75179 and AI066497 from NIH and grants from NASA (U.S. National Aeronuautics and Space Administration)”

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