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ISSOL Seeks Nominations for New Stanley L. Miller Award

By Keith Cowing
January 20, 2008

In recognition of the pioneering role Stanley L. Miller played in our understanding of the origins of life, ISSOL, The International Astrobiology Society, shall present at each triennial meeting a Stanley L. Miller Award for outstanding contributions by a young scientist (under the age of 37) to origins of life research. The award is based on scientific merit without regard to nationality. The recipient will be honored during the awards banquet at the close of each triennial meeting. The next ISSOL meeting will be held in Florence from August 24-29, 2008 (

This is a formal call for nominations of outstanding young scientists eligible for the Stanley L. Miller Award. Nominations should be accompanied by a statement from the nominator of ~250 words describing the nominee’s contributions to the field and a list of not more than ten (10) of the nominee’s major publications. Please note that the original email stated that nominees must not be ISSOL members (as determined in the original by-laws of ISSOL 2003). The recently updated ISSOL by-laws state that nominees can be members of ISSOL.

Applications should be sent before April 1st, 2008 to the Miller Award Selection Committee Chair: Pascale Ehrenfreund (Email: [email protected]).

The Miller Award Selection Committee: Pascale Ehrenfreund (Leiden University, Netherlands) Jack Szostak (Harvard Medical Center, USA) Jochen Brocks (Australian National University, Australia)

[Source: NAI newsletter]

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