Astrobiology (general)

Call for ASGSB Award Nominations

By Keith Cowing
September 3, 2007

As noted in the Spring 2007 newsletter, nominations for the following ASGSB awards are due no later than 5 PM PST, October 1, 2007. Please note that the individual selected must be at the meeting to receive the award.

Previous winners of the awards can be found at

1. Thora W. Halstead Young Investigator Award: This award honors a young scientist who exemplifies Thora’s drive and enthusiasm for science, and who has made significant contributions to the field of space biology.

2. Orr Reynolds Distinguished Service Award: This award is made to an individual for distinguished service to the Society “above and beyond the call of duty.”

3. Founder’s Award: This award is the highest honor given by the Society. It is made to a member of the Society for distinguished scientific contributions to and leadership in the field of gravitational and space biology.

The final recipients of these awards are chosen by the Awards Committee, in consultation with the current President and the Executive Director. Nominations from the Society’s membership are very strongly encouraged and may be submitted to Chair Emily Holton or to the Executive Director.

Nominations should be accompanied by the name and professional address of the candidate and a short Curriculum Vitae, along with a paragraph outlining why the candidate is particularly deserving of the award. The most direct mechanism for submissions is by e-mail to Dr. Emily Holton, Chair, Awards Committee, [email protected]

Emily Morey-Holton, Ph.D.
Chair, Awards Committee

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