NASA Astrobiology Program

NAI Announces Selection of New Teams

By Keith Cowing
May 28, 2007

The NASA Astrobiology Institute is pleased to announce the selection of four new research teams to join the twelve current teams comprising the Institute. The new teams will be led from Montana State University in Bozeman, the University of Wisconsin in Madison, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, and the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

The research of these teams spans the breadth of astrobiology and complements the work of NAI’s existing teams, and includes research on the role of iron-sulfur compounds in the abiotic/biological boundary, the study of mineralogical and isotopic measurements as biosignatures, the emergence of multicellularity on Earth, and techniques to inform strategies for extrasolar terrestrial planet characterization.

The selections were announced through a joint press release from NASA ARC and HQ on May 9th. Please join in welcoming our new members!

[Source: NAI Newsletter]

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