Biosignatures & Paleobiology

Microbially mediated processes governing the redox cycling of metals

By Keith Cowing
March 19, 2007

Special Session “Microbially mediated processes governing the redox cycling of metals” at the 2007 Goldschmidt Conference, Cologne (Germany) Session Organizers: Colleen Hansel, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University Andreas Kappler, Center for Applied Geoscience, University of Tbingen

The session (S93) is a part of the “Mechanisms of Geochemical Processes in Nature and Experiment” symposium (Theme 14) to be held at the annual Goldschmidt 2007 Conference in Cologne, Germany.
This session will explore and discuss the diverse range of microbial-induced (e.g., enzymatic, metabolite-driven) mechanisms responsible for the cycling and (bio)mineralization of metals within terrestrial and aquatic environments. Topics will encompass both biological and chemical aspects of metal cycling, including coupled biotic-abiotic reaction networks, phylogenetic diversity of metal-respiring microbes, genetics of metabolic pathways, and speciation, reactivity, and stability of (bio)minerals.

People interested in participating in the session must submit an abstract by April 19, 2007. Registration and abstract guidelines can be found at the Goldschmidt 2007 website ( Feel free to contact the session organizers should you have any questions. [Source: NAI Newsletter]

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