NASA Astrobiology Program

Message from the NAI Director: John Evans Joins NAI Central Staff, as Kaye Faria Retires

By Keith Cowing
February 12, 2007

Please join me in welcoming John Evans as a new member of the NAI Central staff. John is taking over the reins from NAI Resource Analyst, Kaye Faria, who retired this month. Kaye has been at the Institute from its earliest days; we appreciate all of her contributions, and wish her well in her new adventures.

John Evans comes from a background in the commercial world where he was a contract budget analyst for Sony Electronics, the Systems Integration Center, and SBC Telecommunications. In earlier years he worked for the Defense Contract Audit Agency, Kaiser Electronics and briefly for Lockheed. As NAI Resource Analyst, John is responsible for planning, analysis and tracking of the Institute’s budget and expenditures. He also works closely with the NAI Director, Deputy Director, and the grants office at Ames, to assure timely funding of Cooperative Agreements and other NAI contracts, projects and activities. John’s office is at Ames Research Center Bldg. 240, Room 109. His email address is [email protected], and his phone number is 650-604-3109. [Source: Astrobiology Institute Newsletter]

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