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Message from the NAI Director: Wendy Dolci Selected as NAI Associate Director for Operations

By Keith Cowing
January 29, 2007

Please join me in welcoming Wendy Dolci back to the NAI as our Associate Director for Operations. From 2000-2004, Wendy served as the NAI Operations Manager and then Assistant Director, and played a lead role, during the Institute’s formative years, in developing its processes and working methods as a virtual organization. She is very happy to be working once again with the NAI science community and the NAI Central team at Ames.

In her new role, Wendy is responsible for the breadth of NAI operations, including oversight and management of NAI Central projects and staff assignments, NAI events, information technology, the NAI website, and NAI Central contract tasks. She will also be supporting our strategic communications. Wendy’s office is at Ames Research Center Bldg. 240, Room 105. Her email address is [email protected], and her phone number is 650-604-6358. [Source NAI Newsletter]

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