Second Annual Summer Student Seminar Series Begins July 28

By Keith Cowing
July 19, 2006

Join NAI for the Polycom and WebEx broadcast of the second annual Summer Student Seminar Series. The talks will be given on Friday, July 28th and Friday August 11th at 12:00pm PDT (9:00am HT/1:00pm MDT/2:00pm CDT/3:00pm EDT.)

Speakers will present from the University of Hawaii, the SETI Institute, the University of Tennessee, Goddard Space Flight Center and the University of Rhode Island. July 28th talks include:

  • Constantinos Makrides, Iona College
    “Modeling Water Production in Comets and Graphical Representation of Martian Atmospheric Species”
  • Jessica Haseltine, Abilene Christian College
    “Radial Transport of Particles in N-Body Simulations of Planet Formation”
  • Karen Horning, Florida Institute of Technology
    “Looking for Extrasolar Planets in Stellar Spectra: Spitzer Observations during the Secondary Eclipse of HD209458b”
  • Catherine Elder, Cornell University
    “The Secondary Eclipse of HD209458b using Spitzer Space Telescope”
  • Shannon Tronick, Syracuse University
    “Chemical Derivatization for GC-MS Analysis of Organic Compounds on Mars: Part II”
  • Jim Doty, Rice University
  • For connection information, please contact Estelle Dodson [email protected] [Source: NAI Newsletter]

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