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Pale Blue Dot III Searching for Life on Distant Worlds (Terrestrial to Astronomical Biosignatures)

By Keith Cowing
May 23, 2006

The Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum and the NAI ( are co-convening the third Pale Blue Dot workshop, which is made possible by the Brinson Foundation. Pale Blue Dot III will provide a venue to forge links between terrestrial and astronomical biosignatures, and to develop ideas and methods that may be used for the detection of life beyond Earth. Pale Blue Dot III will also establish a two way dialogue between scientists and media that will facilitate lasting relationships, better media coverage of science, and enhanced public awareness and understanding of science.

Scientific themes addressed by the workshop include:

– Earth as a Pale Blue Dot: Planetary Scale Biosignatures
– Environmental Evolution of Venus, Earth, Mars and Titan
– Remote-Sensing Techniques for Biosignature Detection
– Recognizing Habitable Environments in our Cosmic Neighborhood
– Future Observations of Distant Habitable Worlds
– Contemplating the Distribution of Life in the Universe

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