Reports, Books, Proceedings, & Studies: June 2006

All ASGSB (American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology) members are encouraged to ask their university/institution libraries to include Gravitational and Space Biology on their list of online journals. Former iterations of the journal are also available online, i.e., ASGSB Bulletin and Gravitational and Space Biology Bulletin. Use the following URL when making this request: [Source: ASGSB Newsletter]

Reviewed this week in Science, Robert Hazen's new work, "Genesis: The Search for Life's Origin" was published recently with Joseph Henry Press. Hazen, from NAI's Carnegie Institution of Washington Team, has woven together a look at life in the Geophysical Laboratory and the history of origin of life theory and debate for an "...engaging, sometimes dramatic tale." To read the review, go here. [Source: NAI Newsletter]