NASA Astrobiology Institute: February 2007

On February 16th, NAI scientists were featured in a live broadcast of NPR's Science Friday. Tune in to the podcast to hear how astrobiologists are following the water and the energy, trying to target those parts of the planet most likely to harbor life. Plus, learn how the rovers Spirit and Opportunity have changed our ideas about the Martian environment, and what evidence future missions will look for. [source: NAI Newsletter]

The following new papers have been published recently by NAI members. These and other recent NAI funded research are presented on the NAI member portal and collected in the NAI Research Highlights Archive - In this archive, you can link to the papers and any press materials that may have been generated about them.

The NAI Minority Institution Research Support (MIRS) Program provides opportunities for researchers from qualified Minority Institutions to initiate joint partnerships with researchers in the field of astrobiology. The NAI-MIRS program provides summer sabbaticals, follow-up support, and travel opportunities for faculty and students from Minority Institutions.

The NAI Postdoctoral Fellowship Program provides opportunities for Ph.D. scientists and engineers of unique promise and ability to perform research on problems largely of their own choosing, yet compatible with the research interests of NASA and the member teams of the NASA Astrobiology Institute. The next award cycle in which the NAI will participate has a March 1, 2007 application deadline. For additional information about the program see . [Source: Astrobiology Institute Newsletter]

Please join me in welcoming John Evans as a new member of the NAI Central staff. John is taking over the reins from NAI Resource Analyst, Kaye Faria, who retired this month. Kaye has been at the Institute from its earliest days; we appreciate all of her contributions, and wish her well in her new adventures.

The Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research in Astrobiology, a partnership between NAI and the American Philosophical Society (APS), is open to field studies in any area of interest to astrobiology. Grants may be used for travel and related expenses, including field equipment, up to $5,000. Applications will be reviewed by a committee that includes members of the NAI, the APS, and the wider science community as needed.